with a Global Leader

Duradoor is manufactured in technical collaboration with AGT Turkey, a global leader with a presence in 60 countries across 5 continents. AGT’s diverse portfolio includes MDF, profiles, flooring, baseboards, and more.



Door Solution

Duradoor enables you to bid goodbye to the tedious multi-vendor and multi-step door installation process.

No more bother about pre-installing a door frame, choosing a suitable shutter, buying hardware, and finally getting the shutter and hardware installed by a carpenter.

As an end-to-end solution Duradoor takes care of the entire process – from taking the measurements, creating the design, precision manufacturing, shipping the whole door with shutter, frame, architrave plus hardware and accessories, right up to installing the door at the site. In being a complete door solution, Duradoor establishes new standards in the unorganised door manufacturing industry.

Imported Raw Materials and



Proprietary high density honeycomb technology sets Duradoor apart and gives it an advantage over ordinary doors. To add to this, Duradoor is precision engineered with superior quality raw material imported from Europe.



To elaborate, Duradoor is made from laminated veneer lumber, Bison Panel, high density honey comb, casing wick, PVC lamination foil and edge band, strong adhesives along with imported high-end accessories plus hardware including magnetic locks, hinges, and dowel screws.


Door Manufacturing Unit

Duradoor is manufactured in the country’s largest door manufacturing facility that spreads over 2 lakh square feet. Located at Malkapur, Telangana, the plant has a capacity of 1000 doors per shift. It houses top of the line machinery from Germany and Italy including the Sergiani machine – the only one of its kind in India, and Homag double end edge binding machine.

The cutting edge machinery and technology ensure a range that is precision engineered using CNC (Computer operated machinery) based processes. Duradoor is produced as a single unit, and not assembled using numerous parts.



Duradoor is endowed with a host of advantages that ensure it is durable and maintenance-free. So you never have to worry about upkeep with Duradoor.


Scratch Resistant
Termite Resistant
Moisture Resistant
Chemical Cleaning Resistant


Complete natural shutter structure
Imported Raw Materials
Frame Shutter & Magnetic Lock
PVC foil laminated door surface




Duradoor is all you need to make a style statement about your home. Apart from a long range of standard sizes, doors can also be customised right from the size and dimensions of the shutter, frame and architrave. You will be delighted to know that there are thousands of different ways to customise and design a Duradoor.



Duradoor comes with a PVC foil lamination on the door surface. World class Edge Banding machinery is used for the sides resulting in excellent finish. The PVC foil is custom designed with top of the line specification and is imported from Korea.
The top line specifications make Duradoor scratch resistant, moisture resistant, and chemical cleaning resistant. The doors will only require regular household cleaning and do not require polishing or re-painting like regular wooden doors.