A journey that began 32 years ago in the year 1984 in Antalya, Turkey, continues through its talented work force, modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology. Today AGT is exporting to over 60 countries and its major turnover is from its exports. It is spread across 1000 sales points in 5 continents. The concept AGT worked on from the very beginning is- ‘engineering wood to customise the requirement of the customer and also the society as a whole’. The company is amongst top 500 Industrial Enterprises and has a growth rate of about 45%.

AGT keeps in line with the changing trends and demands of the market which in turn guides its way along to come out with new and innovative products. Reflecting on the lines of the colour and texture of the product while keeping in mind the durability and strength is priority at AGT. The AGT product range includes MDF, Mf-MDF, Panel, Profile and Flooring. Founded on the concept of improvising wood, today AGT aspires to “Promoting Wood Technology”.