Duradoor is made from superior raw material that endows it with give it an edge over other doors. Check out the host of advantages and you will agree.

Moisture resistance Yes Water absorptive. On absorption of moisture, peeling of layers takes place
Rot resistance Yes Some rot without special treatment
Splits and cracks resistance Yes Cracking due to weather effect or other reasons
Distortion resistance Almost no contraction or expansion Distortion effect due to change in moisture and temperature
UV resistance High grade UV resistance (with exterior grade foil) Might be affected by UV
Fading resistance Almost no impact under exposure to sun or UV rays (with exterior grade foil) Fades easily under specific conditions
Termite resistant Yes (Due to pre-treatment of wood fibre) No
Chemical/ scratch resistant Yes , due to PVC foil lamination No
Stain resistant Yes, due to PVC foil lamination No, due to weather conditions, decay, paints and finish and other factors
Energy efficient Yes (Due to casing wick design) Yes
Painting Not required Required periodically
Maintenance Low maintenance required Required regularly
Environment effect 100% recyclable Consumes wood and leads to deforestation
Cost Effective Yes No
Density(kg/m3) 600 – 900 (Specification as per IS 12406 – 2003) Varies depending on the wood
Door thickness 42 MM ~ 32 mm
Accessories – Magnetic locks, stainless steel handle, wick, hinges Standard and included Not standard
Technology Manufacturing process from Europe, State of the art equipment from around Germany, Italy and other countries Traditional/ Domestic
Warranty 5 years warranty No warranty or warranty for few years
Installation & Service By certified professional engineers is standard and included Hire carpenters and multiple vendors